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- KCJAARC is organizing a protest to urge govt to lift the Cycle-NMT Ban on 17th Dec.

- Transport City Dialogue creates roadmap for Sustainable and Equitable Transport in Kolkata

- Kolkata Police invites Switch ON for a dialogue on Cycling in Kolkata

Response to blog by Mr Derek O-Brien & Invitation to City Dialogue on the Ban of Cycle’s in Kolkata



What is Chakra Satyagraha?

Kolkata police has barred Cycles and Non- motorized transport from 174 thoroughfares – a blanket ban in effect. The ban includes cycles, cycle vans, handcarts, pull-carts and bakery vans.
A movement of masses of civil society  has come together to urge the government to revoke the blanket ban on non-motorized transport and rebuild the city sustainably. Read our Case against Ban of Cycles and NMT for more information on why the ban doesn’t make sense, and possible solutions for Sustainable Transport in Kolkata.

Cycle March, 8th September ’13

Chakra Satyragraha was launched in the city with a Cycle March where over five hundred people marched the streets of Kolkata with cycles in hand to urge the government to revoke the blanket ban on cycles and non-motorized transport. They also signed an open letter to Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt Mamata Banerjee, urging her to left the ban, and set up and head a Cell for Non-motorized Transport.

Bring the Wheels back to the Streets, 2nd October ’13

On Gandhi Jayanti over 3000 people got to the streets in support of Chakra Satyagraha – Bring the Wheels back to the Streets. In a one of its kind creative protest, there were street theater performance with the message that cycles and non-motorized transport is the lifeline of Kolkata and the most inclusive, sustainable and Eco-friendly method of transport and keeps the city moving.


The Issue of Cycle ban in Kolkata has been covered by over 100 print and news Media.

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How can I participate?

- Join us on Facebook 

- Sign the open letter to the Chief Minister Smt Mamata Banerjee

- If you want to volunteer for – promotions, organizing, research, etc write to us at




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Kolkata Cycle Arohi Adhikar –O- Jibika Raksha Committee, P.B. Akhbar Bikreta Samity, Hand Cart – Cycle Van Association

PUBLIC, Public Relations Society of India, South Asian Forum for Environment, WWF Kolkata, Greenpeace, Centre for Environment and Development


For more details download 

- Case against Ban of Cycles and NMT

- Presentation on Chakra Satyagraha

- For media related enquires please write to

  7 Responses to “CHAKRA SATYAGRAHA”

  1. the administration has gone can they ban cycles?this will increase health issues among food obsessed Bengalis. Cycles should be adored.Learn from the Korean countries who are the fittest and they swear by cycling and walking to work and regular chores and no doubt they are the fittest and healthiest and think its illegal to be fat.You cant risk poor individuals living if you arent capable enough to make roads to accomodate cycles.Foolish administration!!!Where have they left their brains???

    • where is our chief minister miss mamta time poor and common people’s voice.fought for “THE HAWKERS & HAND CART PULLER”.Madam can you imagine life without milk,newspaper,bread,and other groceeries which is carried to a shop & vendors by the help of cycle &cycle vans.think of small business man who take help of a cycle van to carry their goods.they can’tafford matadors and trucks to carry their goods and our trafficcan’t control so much goods vechicles too at day time.anyhow we have faith on our chief minister as because she herself comes from a poor middle class family so she will definetly think about the poor people and their families which is more than several lakhs.

      • We were all baffled when such a notification came from Mamata di’s Govt. She has always been pro-poor and had promised the hand cart /cycle van union that they will always be in Kolkata. Hope she keeps her promise.

    • Its sad that cycle is still a poor man’s transport in our country, and a very niche group rides them otherwise. Hope our streets become cycle friendly, and we can all hit the roads with our bikes someday!

  2. Banning cycles and non-motorised vehicles to supposedly increase speed of vehicular traffic is like shooting down crows to reduce noise levels in the city — a good case of the “solution” being worse than the problem. If we really wanted to increase the average speed of traffic in our city (by how much can we possibly increase?!) we should focus on synchronising traffic signals and reducing jay walking rather.

    The key question is what kind of a city we want to be: a city of 5-star malls and giggling starlets or a city for people. We have always believed that Kolkata is a city with a heart; someone better tell the policy makers that cycling is good for the heart!

    • Pradeep da,
      You have brought out a very critical point on synchronising the traffic signals and reducing jay walking. They are both critical to reducing the traffic problem.
      Banning NMT will only make the problem worse!

  3. Police has done a tremendous job by this notification ,though they justify the ban ,in order to improve the traffic movement in city limits .The main cause of detorriated traffic conditions are not the number of vehicular traffic but the bad traffic engineering and they blame their fault on others ,i.e. the poor cyclists .As we all know that cycling is not only the means of fitness rather this is also means of earning livelihood to most of the cyclists.The police imagined it and developed a good mechanism of earning money by the way of bribe they don’t like to abolish the bicycle and other mode of vehicles on NMT platform rather they are interested in the Rs 100 or more money . So in my opinion this ruling is much worked one and the police dept. will work hard to keep it alive , this is nothing but just a “TOLABZI”.

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